Tuesday, December 26, 2006

SaneSoutherner's story

An abortion story (or what I say to pro-lifers):

Often, in talking to pro-lifers, their stance is rooted in their own emotions, in their own feelings about pregnancy. Statistics aren't going to change those feelings. How can they feel the way they do and not be against abortion? I'm not speaking of the hard core loonies, but mostly women who would vote pro-choice if they could get past the thought that being pro-choice negates their personal moral feelings. So I try to show them how you can love babies and treasure even the unborn, and still be solidly pro-choice. I give them one concrete example. I sit them down and tell them about who really has abortions, and it's not just the people they think. I tell them my own story. Sometimes I sway them, because I am very much like them....

Read on for Sane Southerner's story.



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