Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Hyprocritical anti-choice

Keanus says:
Weekly I escort patients at a Planned Parenthood clinic, shielding them from harassment by anti-abortion protesters. Those protesters are every bit as honest as Mr. Paszkiewicz (a history teacher who said in class that anyone who doesn't believe in God belongs in Hell, then lied about it, then was confronted with an audio recording).

Many times every day they scream or try to hand out literature with claims that abortion causes breast cancer, cervical cancer, sterility, and "post abortion syndrome" and that it's certain to destroy the relationship with the father. They're shameless. I've requested from them the scientific literature that supports those claims. They've yet to furnish it. So I remind them weekly that I'm being entirely truthfiul to call them liars and violators of the ten commandments--[they] are shameless liars.

Many fundies of whatever persuasion--both protestant and Catholic--are professional liars. Incidentally the nearest Catholic church, which is three blocks away, ejects from their congregation anyone who's had an abortion or is related to someone who's had an abortion or works at Planned Parenthood. Whatever became of that old Christian adage "Love the sinner, hate the sin."

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