Sunday, October 15, 2006

Thoughts on abortion

Here's a thoughtful comment from a general discussion list:
There is no way to legislate the conditions under which an abortion can take place. The conditions under which a conception take place are so varied and the rights of all persons concerned are so complicated that only the pregnant woman can make the decision. I would go further and remove the statement that it is between a woman and her doctor. A doctor can give medical advice but he/she is bound by ethics to refrain from unwanted counseling (proselytizing). Only that counseling that is sought and accepted is valid. Even then, one needs to be exceptionally careful.

A woman's decision will be based on her age, health, mental state, and frame of reference at the time of pregnancy. It is an act of mental duress to dump blame on a woman at any time in her life for a decision made that you cannot possible understand.



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