Thursday, November 30, 2006

Assisted Human Reproduction Act

The federal government of Canada has passed legislation banning human cloning, rent-a-womb contracts and the sale of human eggs and sperm, its latest attempt to make laws to govern assisted human reproduction.


* Surrogate mothers
* Donating sperm, eggs and other reproductive material
* Using embryos, sperm, eggs etc. to assist conception
* Using human embryos and stem cells in research

Not allowed:

* Making clones of people
* Cloning stem cells
* Growing human embryos for research
* Sex selection
* Making changes to human DNA that would pass from one generation to the next
* Creating people who have animal DNA
* Buying or selling embryos, sperm, eggs or other human reproductive material

Bill C-13 is known as the Assisted Human Reproduction Act. It is a result of the Royal Commission on Reproductive Technologies and is Canada's fourth attempt to create a law to govern reproductive technologies.



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