Thursday, August 31, 2006

A nurse speaks out

A nurse says,
"The idea that a significant number of women are just screwing around willy-nilly, confident that they can go terminate any resulting pregnancy as blithely as popping in to get their nails done is false- utterly so.

I have met many, many women over the years who have had abortions, largely in the course of my work as a nurse. I can tell you that *who* these women are might surprise you. Their reasons for questioning whether they can carry a pregnancy are myriad. EVERY single one whom I have spoken to has struggled mightily with the decision. They agonize over it. They often have other things to consider besides themselves- other children at home, a handicapped child who requires 24-hr care, or a shaky marriage that they are trying to save, and another child might be the last straw that causes the split. I've known women who were caring for both children AND elderly parents, who were already exhausted with the load they were carrying.

I respect your right to your opinion that there should be some limits. However, please know that the promiscuous woman out screwing around with no concern for consequences is a tiny, tiny, TINY percentage of women who make that choice. The vast majority are not saying "Oh, la-de-da, I don't feel like having a child right now- it's inconvenient". The bulk of them, for various reasons, are saying, "I can't. I've tried every way I can to figure out how to make it possible, but I CAN'T, and it is breaking my heart to make this choice."

That's what I've seen. And I trust those women to make the right decision for themselves and their families."

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