Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Confessions of an Abortion Doctor: They Aren't So Easy

This book is the first-person account doctor, who, as a young and middle-aged man, provided illegal abortions to women.

Our story continues...

I've seen a lot of couples who were genuinely fond of each other quarrel bitterly after the worst apparently was over, simply because neither of them knew enough to allow for the inevitable aftermath of such an ordeal. In the first place the man usually minimizes what the girl is going through. A pregnant married woman gets a lot of attention. She complains about her health, she goes regularly to the doctor, she is petted and pampered.

The girl who has an abortion doesn't dare complain about her nausea, or her pains, or her dizziness. She has to pretend to be bright and happy for fear people will suspect what is wrong with her. And she has to go through an operation that is a severe nervous shock. An abortion is not the easy thing that people who haven't had one seem to think it is....

The girl who has an abortion frequently goes back to work or to her daily life before she's ready. She can't explain too much mysterious absence. Her first reaction is one of relief. Then she wants to talk about it and get sympathy. Usually the only person she can talk to is her lover. Naturally, he isn't fond of listening to her go on for hours about how sick and scared she was....

For despite what the moralists say, a lot of "nice" women have abortions. When you consider that doctors estimate the abortion rate in any city as being about five times the reported birth rate [1930s figures], you must realize that all these cases cannot come from the dregs of society such as gang molls and prostitutes. As a matter of fact, few prostitutes have abortions. They are too smart...."

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Read it at Bank Of Wisdom online library.


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