Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Confessions of an Abortion Doctor: I Have a Prostitute Patient

This book is the first-person account doctor, who, as a young and middle-aged man, provided illegal abortions to women.

Our story continues...

I HAVE A PROSTITUTE PATIENT next case was a country woman who already was in a serious condition. Her husband, a hulking man with more stinginess than sense, had given her a crude abortion with an umbrella rib without even sterilizing it. Naturally the woman got an infection. I brought her to the hospital and did what I could. But she died. The man tried to save a small amount of money and lost his wife.... He tried to avoid paying me, saying that I had caused a useless hospital bill and his wife had died anyway. But I threatened him with complete exposure of the case and he came across. I had no pity for him. He was the sort of man who refuses to either restrain himself or use any sort of precaution....

They had four small boys, the oldest only eight years old, and his wife had rebelled against her fifth pregnancy.... He seemed to think it his wife's fault that she had so many children. "She got pregnant when I just looked at her," he said.....

I managed to save a neighbor of his who had given herself an abortion and had a hemorrhage.....

Some of the crude methods used are laugh-provoking; some are tragic. I heard of a man who thrust a glass. tube into his wife's uterus and pumped her full of air with a bicycle pump. But the history of such cases is not completely written when the abortion is over. The damage may not appear until the woman is pregnant again.

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