Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Confessions of an Abortion Doctor: My Family Speaks

This book is the first-person account doctor, who, as a young and middle-aged man, provided illegal abortions to women.

Our story continues...

I went out in the country to see my family every Sunday. ...the conversation happened to turn to the suicide of Katherine J--.

"The poor girl," my mother said. "Sounds like she was in the family way."

She clucked her tongue sympathetically. "I wish you had seen her," she said. "If she'd come to you, you could have sent her to old Ma Gooding, the one folks call Feather Sally, because she uses a goose feather. Lots of good doctor's send patients to Feather Sally, and she's never lost a one. Good money she makes, too."

I was shocked.

"She did come to me," I said indignantly, "waving her money in my face as if I were a quack she could buy with a few hundred dollars. But I refused to have anything to do with it. That's a prison offense."

My mother looked at me queerly. "And it's no prison offense to drive a girl to suicide?" she asked....

"Human beings come before laws," my mother said. "Some of these laws are made by folks who want to kick others in the gutter so's to make themselves seem higher up. I ain't never had no use for such folks. Pull themselves up by pushing others down. I've known some mighty good women who had convenient miscarriages and women who were in trouble and later on made fine marriages and good wives."

"Since then I've performed hundreds of abortions and when I did all the work I've had no fatalities. Of course, I've been called in on bungled jobs when it was too late; there was infection or a hemorrhage and death was a matter of hours."

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