Saturday, April 15, 2006

Pathfinder International for reproductive health

Lack of reproductive health care is a huge global problem for women. About 78 000 women die each year from unsafe abortions. Without access to contraceptives or to good medical care, womehn face risks from abortion to escape from unwanted pregnancy. In fact, unsafe abortion causes about 13% of the 600,000 deaths each year from childbirth-related causes. Each hour, eight women die from unsafe abortions. For every woman who dies from an unsafe abortion, many more suffer serious injuries and permanent disabilities. In some countries, as many as 50% of the pregnancy-related deaths are caused by unsafe abortion.

Pathfinder International works to ensure that women receive post-abortion care and contraception.
Abortion-related complications can be prevented by:
  • Improving patient and community knowledge about family planning.

  • Strengthening family planning and reproductive health services.

  • Providing access to emergency contraception.

  • Providing postabortion care for incomplete and septic abortions.

  • Making abortion legal, safe, and accessible.

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