Monday, April 10, 2006

El Salvador forces ectopic pregnancies to burst fallopian tubes

In El Salvador, women aren't allowed to have abortions "for their own convenience"—which includes stopping an ectopic pregnancy until it is a life-threatening medical emergency.

An ectopic pregnancy means that the embryo has settled in the fallopian tube. It will grow there, burst the tube, and without surgery, the woman will die. Ectopic pregnancies have symptoms—pain, for one. If one is detected, it is much safer for the woman to have surgery right away, before the falliopian tube is destroyed and starts bleeding into her abdomen. That also preserves her chance to have another pregnancy using that tube. The embryo can not survive and grow into a baby, whether or not it takes her with it.

But surgery would kill that tiny organism. Brainless and without the ability to survive without its human container, it is still a "life" in Catholic El Salvador. So the woman must wait until her tube ruptures. She won't survive without modern emergency surgery, now. And she may die anyway. But that must be God's will.

To bring El Salvador closer to a perfectly Godly state by controlling its women, it is a crime to comfort a woman who has had an abortion. And there are inspectors who internally examine women for signs of former abortion. Is it any wonder that rational people despise the cruelty of the God-obsessed?

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Blogger RockO said...

that is horrible. i did not know that.

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