Saturday, June 03, 2006

Protect all women while they're still alive: Heather Mallick, CBC

CBC columnist Heather Mallick writes:
"An Alberta Conservative backbencher, Leon Benoit, has introduced a private member's bill on fetal homicide which says the killer of a pregnant woman should be charged with killing two people. Even though the Supreme Court refuses to define a fetus as a person under the law, Benoit's bill would see a fetus at any stage as a second murder victim.

The bill, which will likely fade away like all private members' bills, is just "common sense," an anti-abortion group told the Toronto Star. It's not even the tiniest bit an anti-abortion bill and if you think so, you're just paranoid, the group said.

Call me paranoid. If the fetus at any stage is a person and you kill it, as this bill would have it, then logically any woman choosing abortion gets 25 years in jail. She would be placed on a moral parallel with Thatcher, whose violent loathing of women haunts me when I remember his beautiful despairing victim.
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