Monday, May 01, 2006

Joe Pett's cartoons

From the Reproductive Freedom News, January, 2000:
About ten years ago, whenever editorial cartoonist Joel Pett created a pro-choice cartoon he would insert a coat hanger into the picture - as a stiff reminder of the dangers that lurk when abortion is illegal. One day he got a fax from the pastor of a local church threatening to boycott his newspaper, the Lexington Herald-Leader, if he continued to do it. Pett was not intimidated.

The next day, as he was lampooning a different subject, he subtly included a coat hanger. The following day he drew a man replacing his broken TV antenna with a hanger. A boycott ignited. Undeterred, Pett next drew President Bush breaking into a locked car using a coat hanger. At that point his editor told him "no more coat hangers." So instead, Pett drew a cartoon with a clothes closet, only the clothes were hanging mid-air - there were no visible coat hangers. He adds, "they wouldn't run it."

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