Sunday, February 12, 2012

Feministe: "It's not about religious liberty"

From Feministe: "Shockingly, Catholic Bishops’ hostility to birth control is not about religious liberty."
...98% of Catholic women use hormonal birth control at some point in their lives. Nope! Because, wait, this is just about a handful of celibate men wanting to control women’s reproductive freedoms? And it’s not really about religious freedom at all? It’s just about hostility to women having the ability to prevent pregnancy? Oh. Who could have possibly seen that coming?

A commenter adds:
The law has been clear since late 2000 when the EEOC ruled that all employers who provided prescription drug coverage in their group health care plans were violating Title VII of the Civil Rights Act if they failed to include coverage for prescription contraceptives.

It’s telling that the Bush administration never challenged the EEOC ruling handed down in the last days of the Clinton administration and yet every Republican candidate for president in this election year is screaming bloody murder that the Obama administration’s mandate that all health care plans (with narrow religious exceptions) include contraceptive care tramples on “religious liberties.”

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