Sunday, February 06, 2011

Republicans: willing to let women die

Every eight minutes a woman dies from an illegal abortion

The feminist bloggers at I Blame the Patriarchy has identified the bloody cruelty behind those smarmy "pro-life" smiles. The U.S. "Protect Life Act" would let hospital staff withhold life-saving abortions from critically ill patients, salving their consciences and neglecting their duty. So they are renaming the issue: GOP: “Let us bravely endure the deaths of impregnated women who can’t afford non-misogynist healthcare”.

As the author so wisely says,
Crap like this “Protect Life Act” — named by one of those congressional aides who majored in Doublespeak at Dickhead & Prick University — is useful in exposing mother-hate that is normally hidden.

Go read the article.

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