Sunday, June 06, 2004

Conservative Party can't hide its anti-choice agenda

The newly reconstituted Conservative Party has a not-so-hidden agenda to regulate, restrict, or re-criminalize abortion in Canada.
In a media interview on Wednesday, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper indicated that he would allow legislation against abortion in a second term, but not during a first term.

"Let's not forget that most of the new Conservative Party is simply the old Alliance party in sheep's clothing," said Joyce Arthur, spokesperson for the Pro-Choice Action Network. "Many of the Alliance MP's were anti-choice and still are, as proven by health critic Rob Merrifield's wish to pass a law forcing women to undergo third-party informed consent — a scheme for foisting anti-abortion propaganda onto vulnerable women."

Arthur pointed out that since 1996, anti-choice Reform and Alliance MP's have introduced at least eight different private motions trying to regulate abortion, most within the last couple of years. "With a new Conservative government, this pattern would not only continue, but likely escalate." Indeed, Harper said yesterday that he can't stop his MP's from introducing private motions and bills, and would allow free votes on such bills.

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